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Collette recently met a member of the LHM-Jamaica staff while she was visiting a friend. The staff member gave Collette the LHM-Jamaica address and said she could come visit them whenever she wanted to talk. A week later, Collette came to the office and said she was stressed and felt alone. She was considering ending her life and needed some encouragement. Collette was once a Christian but turned away from her faith when she thought God had forgotten about her. She is expecting a baby with her boyfriend of four years, but he denies that the child is his and has left Collette. Her family does not speak to her anymore because they are upset about the pregnancy. After talking with the LHM-Jamaica staff members several times and reading through some of their booklets, Collette is reestablishing her faith. She no longer wants to end her life and is now attending a local church where LHM-Jamaica staff members had referred her.

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