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The Middle East and North Africa has the youngest population in the world, many who feel hopeless because of political turmoil, social instability, and high unemployment. Social media allows LHM to offer hope to people who may not know another Christian and often have no opportunity to hear the Word of God ... from the comfort and safety of their own homes. While some of the people drop off when they realize we are openly discussing our Christian faith, many others, through the Holy Spirit, are intrigued and continue the dialogue.

Jamal lives in Morocco and came across LHM's regional Facebook page. After reading several of the posts he reached out to LHM staff and shared that he had been bothered and stressed lately about his faith and was uncertain of God's love for him. Over the course of about six weeks, LHM staff members answered many questions and sent him several related booklets. As they built a more trusting relationship, Jamal asked to speak to the staff by phone and they began having more regular conversations. During one call, Jamal said the Holy Spirit was working in his heart and asked the LHM staff to pray with him as he asked God to strengthen him and his newfound faith in Jesus.

Change Their World. Change Yours. This changes everything.

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