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We've all been going a little stir crazy at home the last few weeks (months). Even as restrictions to go public ease a bit—and then retract again per health concerns—you can spend some quality time on LHM's digital platform THRED, from the comfort of your home.

THRED's devoted to the open discussion of ideas. Here you'll find hearty and intriguing conversations about the things that matter—things we all think about—like life, the world around us, time, faith, money, Jesus, and yes, even COVID-19.

At THRED you can ask questions, give your thoughts, share with others, and get inspired by the give-and-take. THRED offers a place for people to talk about the things they care about. And while it's partial to a Christian perspective, it's no stranger to conversations on controversial topics.

At the THRED website, there are articles and vlogs (video logs) on relationships, community, society, God, Christianity, and other items of interest. You can access the whole package by clicking here.

At THRED, your voice and experiences count. We know we all learn more by speaking with each other and learning from each other. That's THRED in a nutshell. Let's explore our ideas together and come away better for it.

At THRED we think the hardest topics should be talked about more, not less.

Stop by and visit us at THRED. Your Voice Matters.

Change Their World. Change Yours. This changes everything.

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