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Is there someone you'd like to have a spiritual conversation with? There probably is, but talking about God and faith can be challenge. We'd like to connect with our neighbor or close friend in meaningful conversations. We even think about the kind of conversations we could have, but so often opportunities slip through our fingers.

Available now is a handy little resource called the Spiritual Conversation Curve Card. It draws from LHM's Spiritual Conversation Curve model which explains our Jesus-related conversations in three easy-to-remember types: those where we gain a hearing; those where we give good news; or those where we guide toward faith. The Curve Card helps keep our neighbor or friend on our mind and prompts us to pray for them. It's an easy way to remember that with God's help and guidance, we too can share the Good News of Jesus with someone else.

The Curve Card is a pocket-sized tool with space to make quick notes as you relate to and pray for that person you want to talk to about Jesus.

You can get your Curve Cards in packets of 25 for $5 by clicking here.

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