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The LHM-Thailand team witnessed Christ's love in action when they conducted an eyeglass clinic outreach project in February. This project was done in partnership with five volunteers from Brookfield Lutheran Church in Wisconsin, five Thai optometrists, and Kuiburi Church in Kanchanaburi Province.

At least 1,000 people attended over four days to receive a free professional eye examination, a free pair of glasses, and Christian booklets about breast cancer and depression. Kuiburi Church hosted the event so the pastor, his wife, and church members were able to follow up with everyone who participated. Fifty-one people who needed special prescriptions returned to the church to pick up their glasses on Sunday morning before the weekly worship service.

While helping the participants move smoothly through the eye exam stations, the Brookfield team shared the Gospel through their words and a few songs. LHM staff and volunteers also led the attendees in fun activities that told about Jesus while they waited for their number to be called.

"We thank God for the joy that we saw on the faces of the participants as they received new sight," says Monta Ekwanit Denow, director of LHM-Thailand. "We pray that the Gospel messages they heard will take root in their hearts and that the light of Christ will shine in their lives."

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