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Most people race to responses like family or freedom. These are powerfully important issues, but ultimately faith is the central definition of every believer's life. Our life and mission here on earth is the Great Commission itself-and doing what we can to see the Gospel of Jesus Christ shared with every person who needs to hear it.

Lutheran Hour Ministries is grateful for many Christians who make a wonderful impact on the sharing of the Gospel through years of faithful support for the ministry. Many of these Christians have left powerful testaments as they've gone on to their ultimate reward-one that will last beyond your lifetime-by including LHM in their will. Taking this step allows individuals to continue to be defined by their passion for sharing the Good News, even after they've joined their Father in heaven.

There are several ways to include LHM in your estate.

  • Direct your gift to the area of greatest need, which gives LHM the financial freedom to use your gift in the way that will be most effective in spreading the Word of God to unreached people who desperately His messages of love and hope.
  • You can set up an endowment to make sure your gift lasts as long as God's mission through LHM.
  • If you feel a strong connection to a certain program or ministry center, you can choose for your gift to go to that specific area.
LHM is honored to include these faithful people in The Hoffmann Society upon learning that we are included in their estate plans. The Hoffmann Society is a faithful group of more than 2,000 individuals who have professed that they want to support the cause of sharing Christ's name during their life and after they go on to their eternal glory. These faithful believers are a key part of LHM's planning and ensure that the Gospel is shared with future generations.

Many people have included LHM in their final plans and have not shared this decision. If you are one of these people, you are a member of The Hoffmann Society! For more information, or to tell us we're in your estate plans, please go online to or contact LHM's gift planning staff by email at or over the phone at 1-877-333-1963.

Thank you for being a part of the cause that defines LHM: Bringing Christ to the Nations-and the Nations to the Church!

Change Their World. Change Yours. This changes everything.

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