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Poverty, sickness, and violence are everyday occurrences in Cameroon. As a result, many young women cannot receive an education, leaving them to find other ways to make ends meet. LHM-Cameroon has set out to provide practical training to young women, while also sharing the Good News of Jesus Christ.

Women who are victims of sexual abuse and have been stranded as a single mother often face physical and mental trauma which also affects their children. The LHM-Cameroon sewing school program consists of free training sessions that are meant to restore the dignity of these young women who are seeking self-employment and economic independence, while being nurtured with spiritual counseling. In addition, the women are able to bring their children if necessary, as basic childcare is available.

The main objectives of LHM-Cameroon's holistic outreach programs are to provide social rehabilitation through Christian-oriented education, counseling, and vocational training for victims of sexual abuse and abandoned teen mothers.

Each year, about 18 women graduate from the program. In total, 60 women have graduated from the program. One of those graduates is Amélie. Amélie's father passed away when she was only one year old. In order to financially provide for her family, Amélie's mother had five more children, each with a different man. Amélie needed to find a way to provide for herself, so she started learning hairdressing. When she found out about the LHM-Cameroon sewing school, she was eager to join. Amélie graduated from the program five years ago and since then has volunteered her time to train and coach the other teen mothers. She is now married with three children and she is a member of a choir group at her local church. Amélie said, "All my life I will be thankful to LHM-Cameroon and to God."

The program has restored hope to many hopeless young women, in large part because of the compassion and dedication of LHM-Cameroon's staff. Chantal is married and a mother of four children, and active in her church community. She joined LHM-Cameroon staff in 2008 and serves as the ministry center's administrative manager as well as leader of the women's holistic training program. As a woman, she can relate to the struggles the students face, building trust that inspires them to succeed in the program.

During the training, LHM-Cameroon staff shares the Word of God with the women, many of whom come from a variety of faith backgrounds. The women participate in Bible studies and learn that God will never abandon them even in difficult times. Every woman who has participated in the program has shared that the teachings and trainings have positively and spiritually impacted their lives.

Using the technical skills they learned in the program, several women have gotten together to start their own business of dyeing and sewing clothes to sell. With the money they make, they are able to provide for themselves and their children.

The women who graduate from the LHM-Cameroon program have a new skill that they can use to make themselves financially self-sufficient. In addition to this new skill, all the women understand how much God loves them.

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