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It's time for some good news! For those wanting to increase the spiritual vibrancy of their homes, the just-released Households of Faith Kit is a bright spot in these difficult days. With a stay-at-home scenario the new norm for many around the world, this resource kit comes just in time. Just as LHM's Spiritual Conversations in the Digital Age Kit speaks to today's aspects of faith-sharing interactions, this second collection of resources addresses the way we cultivate and grow spiritual life inside our homes.

Based on extensive research obtained in partnership with Barna Group through hundreds of surveys, the kit is ideal for households eager to deepen their shared faith life. (See The Lutheran Layman's Winter 2020 issue for kit resources.) First comes the 150-page research-based monograph: Households of Faith: The Rituals and Relationships That Turn a Home into a Sacred Space. Here, essays, data, graphs, illustrations, stories, suggestions, and more describe real-world household traits and offer insights on how to make your home a spiritually active and vibrant place.

For example, do you have children you would like to encourage in their faith-walk with God? If so, the kit's three Helping Your Child booklets by Mary Oldfield-HYC: Have a Relationship with God, HYC: Grow Through Faith Conversations, and HYC: Welcome Others-are full of great ideas, insightful anecdotes, and Scripture references to help parents in this vital task. Use these booklets' thoughtful takeaways to help you raise children who love God and who want to share Him with others.

For many households, talking about spiritual matters is like speaking a foreign language. But knowing what to do with a deck of cards is another matter. The kit's Vibrant Conversations Deck is a great way to play your favorite card games and get people talking about God and faith at the same time. Use the deck's 52 questions and prompts to spark conversations during game night, as an ice-breaker game with your Bible study group, or as a fun Q&A resource for the great questions they have.

Additional kit resources like the book, The Spiritually Vibrant Home by LHM's Content Manager Don Everts, along with a small group study DVD, three illustrated children's booklets, and 30-Days of Household Devotions booklet will help households come together during these days of social distancing. You can order a Households of Faith Kit from LHM for $37 by going to the LHM storefront at

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