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Are you looking for a great educational activity to complete from the comfort and safety of your home? Gospel Adventures: Go Mongolia provides an informative and interactive virtual learning experience based around five days of FREE curriculum. In partnership with Group Publishing, Lutheran Hour Ministries takes grade school through middle school aged children on a new week-long global adventure each year.

This year's trip allows participants to "travel" to Mongolia to witness the importance of God's work by exploring this country's rich culture. With remarkable landscapes from the Gobi Desert, the Altai Mountains, and more, Gospel Adventures: Go Mongolia is sure to be a journey to remember! Participants are introduced to kids just like them living in Mongolia who carry their faith with them through day-to-day life. The grade school curriculum is designed to be led by a teacher or parent while the middle school curriculum uses an interactive website for children or adults to explore Mongolia at their own pace.

Drawing inspiration from Ephesians 3:17-19 and letting the immensity of Mongolia illustrate it, participants of the 2020 trip learn about God and "how wide, how long, how high, and how deep His love is." This adventure includes videos, maps, colorful graphs and charts, hands-on activities, identification boxes, questions for discussion, and more-all working together to highlight the country's religion, ethnic groups, ways of living, culture and customs, history, and other features that make Mongolia so vast and diverse.

By the end of the journey, participants will possess a deeper understanding of the work of the Gospel in their own lives and how God is at work in people's lives in this exciting-and remote-part of the world. Nearly 30,000 elementary and middle school students have already participated in the program this year, but Gospel Adventures offers something for people of all ages. Interested in learning more about what you will experience? Here is a sneak peek of just a couple of the activities and portions of the curriculum for Gospel Adventures: Go Mongolia!

Students in kindergarten through eighth grade at First Immanuel Lutheran School in Cedarburg, Wisconsin, participated in Gospel Adventures: Go Mongolia during Lutheran Schools Week in January. Students and teachers gathered in the sanctuary for 30 minutes each day that week while Karl Roeske, the church's missions director, presented the Gospel Adventures curriculum. The students sat in "chapel families" consisting of children from different age groups. The older children were encouraged to interact with the younger ones in their "family" and help them understand the daily lessons. Roeske shared that the students "enjoyed the videos very much, and I used them daily. This year, they seemed to really like the song video. They sang it with much enthusiasm."

In addition to participating in the educational aspects provided by Gospel Adventures, the students and congregation members at First Immanuel raised more than $2,000 for our Global Kids Fund. Members of the church raised money for the Global Kids Fund through the "Mission of the Month" program since their mission in January is usually set up to support an LHM ministry program. Students raised money for the Global Kids Fund through coin crusades, competing in various activities against either other grades or classrooms.

Support like this from kids in the United States helps LHM spread the Gospel message to children around the world who need to hear it. Since 2012, kid donors have given around $200,000 to support LHM's global ministry efforts that reach into more than 50 countries. For example, in Mongolia, the ministry hosts vacation Bible school, youth gatherings, and workshops, provides holistic outreach to youth in need, and develops a variety of age-appropriate resources that teach about Jesus and offer biblically-based guidance.

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