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With social distancing in full swing due to the COVID-19 pandemic, the Men's NetWork WORK DAY will take a different slant this year: serve others by doing your project at home. Just because group tasks aren't doable right now doesn't mean service to our neighborhoods and communities must stop. What's required now are some creative ways we can still serve others-from our homes.

On the Men's NetWork website, there's a list of helpful suggestions your men's group can do this year. Go to the WORK DAY graphic in the rotating banner at the top of the page and click the "Learn more" link. There you will find more details, our suggestion list, and a link to register your project.

Here are few suggestions from the list:

  • Text/contact neighbors to see if they need help with any errands such as picking up medicine or groceries.
  • Collect food for your community food pantry.
  • Purchase/collect for gift cards to give to medical professionals and other emergency workers who are working extra hours in dangerous situations or who may have lost their jobs.
  • Equip your local Christian non-profit with LHM's Project Connect booklets and children's booklets to include in their food giveaways or deliveries.
This year presents both challenges and opportunities for men's groups to help others. People are stressed; they're worried about their health, their families, their jobs, their finances, etc. What better time than now to show compassion by becoming the hands and feet of Jesus Christ in their lives!

Consider this: your WORK DAY "project" might be separate efforts done at different times without your group gathering together. If so, make a list of what your group did and include it (with some photos!) when you share your project with us. And remember if Saturday, April 25, didn't gel with your group's schedule, you can select another day that works before Labor Day, September 7.
Don't forget, too, we're now offering three LHM Neighborhood Service Awards for the spring and three more for the summer WORK DAY. Winning projects will target neighborhood and/or community concerns. For their efforts, these groups will receive a $100 VISA gift card to use as they choose.

One last note concerns the caps we ordinarily ship. In accordance with St. Louis County mandates and recommendations from the Centers for Disease Control, LHM is operating with minimal staff in our physical office, and caps will not be shipped until further notice.

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