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We remain in a time which calls for us to shelter in place, social distance, and utilize video and web platforms as methods to keep in contact with each other and the world. How are you feeling these days? We hope you are well and are finding ways to stay connected during this extended time of social distancing and quarantine. Have you reached out to anyone while sheltering? Has anyone reached out to you?

These questions are important to us all and especially those who were already shut in or finding it challenging to integrate in society. Before this unprecedented time began, Lutheran Hour Ministries was presented with a unique opportunity. Bethesda Lutheran Communities sponsored "Developmental Disabilities Awareness Month" during March 2020 and asked LHM to join them in the movement. What seems like a no-brainer may give us pause, especially during our current times of isolation. Are we not trying to find additional ways to connect? However, we live in a world where people with disabilities are underrepresented at work, at church, and in the larger community. We are grateful to Bethesda for their invitation to partner.

Together, we worked to inspire and encourage our constituencies to perhaps think in a different direction and make meaningful connections and include others through faith. An LHM Learn course titled, Face2Face was created as part of our collaboration. Social posts can be found on our Facebook and LinkedIn pages, and LHM's Action in Ministry March 17 podcast hosted Bethesda CEO Mike Thirtle for a thoughtful conversation on the importance of this movement. If you missed it, the March 17 episode can be found at

Bethesda created a library of free resources, including a downloadable guide titled, "Welcoming Others in Faith" available at The guide will equip you and your congregation to start meaningful communications and relationships with people who have disabilities. It hosts a wealth of information including studies on the following: Psalm 139 and how we are all "wonderfully made" by our Creator, the Body of Christ, and how it is only complete when all people are part of the body, and the gifts that people with disabilities bring to the church. Other guides are also available through the website.

Please know you remain in our prayers, especially during these uncertain times. Have you taken this LHM Learn course, reached out to an underrepresented population, or are moved to take action? If so, let us know through our Response Center. We love hearing how your faith is motivating you and it's another way we can encourage each other to make the world a better place for all of us.

Change Their World. Change Yours. This changes everything.

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