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In February, LHM employees joined 2,500 ministry workers from around the country at Christ Church Lutheran in Phoenix, Arizona, for the annual Best Practices for Ministry Conference. The free, three-day conference is full of fellowship, worship, teaching, learning, and exhibits for attendees who are passionate about ministry and looking for ways to improve.

"It was so uplifting to meet and talk with so many different people over those three days," says Becky Pagel, LHM's director of constituent advancement. "We were able to share the exciting things LHM is doing to help laypeople create spiritually vibrant households and people were really eager to take those principles back to their own homes."

Booths, breakout sessions, and keynotes are all on the agenda for the conference, educating attendees on almost any topic imaginable. This year, LHM hosted a booth and presented at two breakout sessions. Using research from our latest study with Barna Group, LHM employees led breakout sessions called, Messy Prayers, Loud Tables, Open Doors: A Recipe for a Spiritually Vibrant Home and The Lost Art of Spiritual Coaching.

"I look forward to Best Practices every year. It's a great opportunity to talk with ministry leaders on the ground who are using our resources-find out how things are going, what we can do better-and make sure they know about our new resources," shares Ashley Bayless, LHM's curriculum development manager and presenter at this year's conference. "I also enjoy encouraging lay leaders and church leaders alike, in their sharing of the Gospel message in their context. It helps me create better resources knowing their stories and their contexts!"

At the LHM booth, LHM-branded sunglasses were a hit among attendees to use in the bright
Arizona sun. In addition to the excitement over the sunglasses, word spread quickly around
the conference about the chance to preview our new Households of Faith Kit, with materials
made in response to the research uncovered in partnership with Barna. There was a good
amount of traffic at the LHM booth, with many people excited to see our new materials.

Rev. Dr. Chad Lakies, LHM's regional director for North America, says, "This was my first time
attending Best Practices and I was amazed at the number of people in attendance who were simply hungry for resources and encouragement to help them better connect people to Jesus. It shows how meaningful LHM's ministry is for churches across the country."

"Best Practices equals hospitality; it's as simple as that," shares Nicole Heerlein, LHM's associate director of strategic engagement. "During a long weekend of learning, sharing, and loving your neighbor, what really made a difference was the congenial welcoming and hospitality bestowed upon anyone entering the church campus."

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