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Are your kids looking for something new to read? If the young ones in your house have hit the saturation point with cable TV and video games, dazzle them with some illustrated children's booklets from LHM. Each one is penned in catchy verse and illustrated beautifully. The kid-friendly messages focus on godly themes and give Christ-centered perspectives that are easy to understand. And once your child is done with it, they make nice pass-along gifts for their friends in the neighborhood.

The booklet titles are

Do You Know Who Jesus Is?

Sharing Your Faith

Learning to Pray

The Easter Story

The Christmas Journey

The Bully

Let's Be Disciples

The Bible Tells Me So


Packets of 25 are available for $9 each, plus shipping.

To preview each one online or download a FREE PDF, click here to sample them.

To order one or more of these titles, click here and make your selection.

Change Their World. Change Yours. This changes everything.

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