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While we all have probably spoken to God at one time or another, the area of prayer is actually a very important part in the spiritual life of any Christian—or should be. In Nurturing Your Faith: Prayer, we are reminded that we are not only to pray for those we love and care for, but for our enemies and those who persecute us as well (see Matthew 5:43-44).

This study's four sessions cover prayer areas of intercession, gratitude, confession, and praise. It comes with a printable discussion guide for use at home which is handy for individual or group use. Throughout the study, each session offers numerous supporting Scriptures, three sections of questions, and a closing prayer. Sessions are introduced by LHM's Content Development Manager, Rev. Don Everts.

Nurturing Your Faith Bible studies are ideal for students of God's Word to expand their knowledge of Scripture while adding depth to their day-to-day faith life. During this time of stay-at-home living, use this resource as a solo venture into the Bible or, better yet, gather those in your household around the kitchen table and make a group study out of it.

You can check out this study online when you visit the Men's NetWork by clicking here.

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