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As you spend more time inside, make these hours profitable by digging into the Bible. LHM Learn's selection of Outreach Essential topics is designed for improving your ability to communicate your faith to others. As with all LHM Learn's FREE courses, you can increase your grasp of God's Word and empower your witness at the same time. Each course is thoughtfully prepared and features solid content and useful takeaways.

Courses such as Prepared to Respond: The Spiritual Conversation Curve, Spiritual Conversations in the Digital Age, Eager to Share: The DNA of Eager Conversationalists, and Then and Now: The Nature of Spiritual Conversations will give learners plenty to think about as they engage others with their witness.

All LHM Learn online courses are FREE and need only your registration to use. To check out the courses above and the webinar, you can go to LHM Learn by clicking here. Don't forget too that you can start and stop courses mid-stream, returning later to where you left off, so they are ideal for people with busy schedules.

Online courses from LHM Learn fall into five different faith-strengthening categories. Here they are:

* Christian Foundations (the basics of Christianity from biblical, theological, and historical perspectives)

* Cultural Concepts (resources to understand the different demographics, cultures, and religions in our world today)

* Everyday Insights (thoughts about the good and bad that life throws our way)

* Outreach Essentials (personal evangelism and tools to reach others with the Gospel)

* Spiritual Reflections (devotional thoughts meant to strengthen and encourage)

These courses are great for sharing, too. Based on the categories above, it's easy to suggest them to others, so they can take advantage of them. They're readily adaptable to be worked on in small groups or with spouses, new believers, kids in high school or college, and friends. You can send the above link to someone you care about and get them started on the road to learning more about God and the love He has for each of us!

Change Their World. Change Yours. This changes everything.

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