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Every day of the year, Lutheran Hour Ministries offers a timely message on God's love through its Daily Devotions which are available in English and Spanish. These messages are a perfect respite for families during this time of stay-at-home living.

Each week's focus of the Daily Devotions in English is based in part on the church calendar's three-year lectionary, with individual days of the week devoted to the Psalms, the Old Testament, the New Testament, and Gospel texts. The other three days of the week feature devotions based on a hymn from the Lutheran Service Book, a "classic" text from one of LHM's resources, and a sermon excerpt by a previous Speaker for The Lutheran Hour. Each day's message is read by Lutheran Hour Speaker Rev. Dr. Michael Zeigler.

Three reflection questions are given for each day's devotion. These can be used for personal meditation and can help spark discussion when using the devotion in a family context.

You can find the Daily Devotions in English by clicking here.

You can find the Daily Devotions in Spanish by clicking here.

You can email subscribe to the daily and seasonal devotions in both English and Spanish. You can do this by clicking here and making your selections.

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