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James is 22 years old and is the seventh of eight children in his family. He lives with his older brother who practices a non-Christian religion and encourages the other siblings to follow that religion as well. James has been curious about Christianity and is friends with a pastor at a local church. The pastor told James about a training event that was going to be held at his church and James decided to attend. The event was an Equipping the Saints* training session hosted by LHM-Liberia. The staff at the event assumed James was there for training, so they included him in all the activities and answered all the questions James asked. LHM staff members described his questions as ones being asked by someone seeking truth and wanting to get rid of doubt. After two days of training, James decided he had found the truth and expressed a desire to become a member of the church. The pastor is now continuing to help James grow his new-found faith.

*Equipping the Saints is a series of voluntary workshops that heighten participants' interest in witnessing and provide them the practical tools they need to reach out to family, friends, and neighbors who need to hear the Gospel and experience God's love.

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