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Earlier this year, LHM-Sri Lanka conducted a youth gathering. The pastor of the church where it was held helped invite children to attend. Around 75 youth attended the event and only 20 of them were Christians. All the kids were involved in every activity like singing, group discussions, competitions, and more. LHM staff and volunteers saw the joy of Jesus in all the kids' faces after the final prayer. Soon after the event, a non-Christian religious girl named Amaya shared about her experience. She said she felt that Jesus was there to deliver them from their sins. She said that she and the kids she participated with felt that Jesus is always with them. Amaya said that she needs to show others how Jesus can deliver them from their sins as she has seen the correct path. She knows Jesus is walking beside her and she can hold on to the name of Jesus always.

Change Their World. Change Yours. This changes everything.

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