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Ratna was born into a non-Christian religious household. She lived with her parents and they practiced their religion every day. Ratna's parents both died suddenly on the same day. In the time following their deaths, no one reached out to help her, no one from her religious organization supported her, and she felt that her friends and other family members did not care. Ratna decided to move away and she began working as a household helper. When she has free time, she usually listens to her radio. One day, she listened to the "Meaning of Life" program that was broadcasted by LHM-Indonesia. She heard the LHM-Indonesia contact information at the end of the program and reached out to them to request a morning devotion every day. She then met with a staff member for a few hours and told them what was going on in her life. The LHM-Indonesia staff member encouraged Ratna to pray and learn more about Jesus being her Lord and Savior. When she prayed, she felt very peaceful and had the longing to get to know Jesus through the daily devotions that were being sent to her. Ratna believes she is saved by God's grace and desires to know Jesus more. She regularly attends the Sunday service at the local church and has decided to get baptized.

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