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Shahad, Esraa, and Alya are all teenage girls who attend a technical school in the Middle East where they learn sewing, hair dressing, and soapmaking. They were raised in non-Christian religious households and knew of Jesus, but did not believe in Him as their Savior. LHM volunteers visited the technical school that they attend and started a Bible course called "Life of Jesus." After a couple visits to the school, LHM staff received feedback from the participants. Alya said that she loves that Jesus saves us from sin and she will start praying to God asking Him for a new life in Jesus' name. Esraa shared that she learned that Jesus heals us and saves us from our sins. Shahad thanked LHM for teaching them about Jesus and how He can heal them. The girls eagerly wait for the next session and LHM staff is happy to see how the Holy Spirit is working in their lives.

Change Their World. Change Yours. This changes everything.

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