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Daw is 40 years old and is a mother of three children. She lives in a community with other families who lost their homes, farms, and other possessions. A few years ago, her husband was arrested and accused of being in a group against the military, even though he was just a farmer. He spent two years in prison and now that he is back, a lot of his memory is gone. Daw has many sleepless nights because she is unsure about what happened to her husband. LHM-Myanmar staff visited their community and hosted a puppet show. They also provided her with psychosocial support. LHM staff told her about the spiritual life she can live to help her overcome her family tragedy. She thanks God for her children and is encouraging her husband to believe that God is good. She is now eager to share about God to the other people in the community so they might have a relationship with Him, too.

Change Their World. Change Yours. This changes everything.

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