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As you handle the dynamics of quarantine, we hope your adjustments are going smoothly. The spread of COVID-19 worldwide has changed life for all of us. It's also changed how we're doing things for this year's Men's NetWork WORK DAY.

This year the tradition of service continues—but with a twist. Considering the recommended social distancing across the country, we are encouraging three options for your group:

1. Participate on April 25th, but instead of gathering, find a project to do individually at the same time, in your own neighborhood. You can check out some cool service ideas by clicking here.

2. Consider every day a WORK DAY! Work with your men's group on how to be present in your neighborhoods. Stay connected and encourage each other with ideas.

3. Re-schedule your regular WORK DAY projects for later this summer, before Labor Day, Sept 7th. We will offer 3 LHM Neighborhood Service Awards for the spring and 3 for the summer WORK DAY.

One change for the time being concerns the WORK DAY caps we ordinarily ship. In accordance with St. Louis County mandates and recommendations from the Centers for Disease Control, LHM is operating with minimal staff in our physical office, and caps will not be shipped until further notice.

You can register to participate in this year's WORK DAY by clicking here.

All the best on your WORK DAY efforts!

Change Their World. Change Yours. This changes everything.

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