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The Sons of Encouragement, a men's group from Huntington Woods Lutheran Church, Michigan, took the most community-oriented award in the Men's NetWork's 2019 GIVES BACK service event. It was held between November 29 and January 1. The group, along with others from the church, went caroling on Sunday, December 22, at area senior care centers.

On receiving the $150 gift card award, men's group member Mark Phillips told us, "What a nice surprise to receive this unexpected blessing! The Sons of Encouragement at Huntington Woods Lutheran Church will prayerfully consider how to best apply this new cash resource for God's kingdom! Soli Deo Gloria!"

Kudos and congrats to men's group members and others who took a few hours from their day during this hectic time of the year to pay it forward and brighten the lives of others.
And speaking of service-the Men's NetWork WORK DAY will soon be here. Saturday, April 25, is the day we're looking for men's groups to step out and give their brothers and sisters a hand. It might be a scrub job on a building that needs a little love or sprucing up a nature trail. In the past, groups have served communities and neighborhoods by building and fixing things, hauling trash, landscaping, painting, pruning, chopping, digging, and doing whatever a group can do in a few hours to make a difference.

The tasks don't have to be huge and complicated. In fact, many groups tackle a few items during their WORK DAY. Your group might tidy up the backyard for an elderly neighbor in the morning and then serve lunch at a local soup kitchen. Possibilities abound. You know your area and the particular needs it has.

Don't forget asking guys outside your church to help, too. This can get them involved in a hands-on project and could lead to additional interest in your church's worship services, Bible study groups, or your men's group.

Be checking in the days ahead for WORK DAY details like registration and project suggestions at the Men's Network website: Another place to be checking for WORK DAY news is the biweekly Men's NetWork newsletter, which can be received as an email subscription. To receive this newsletter-which features all sorts of ongoing information as to what's going on at LHM and a thought-provoking blog at the end-go to newsroom and subscribe.

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