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To get you rolling with your online learning for 2020, LHM Learn has added three new courses to its roster. Love Came Down, a Spiritual Reflections course, speaks to the Father's love for us in that He spared not the life of His Son to redeem us from our sins. Nurturing Your Faith: Prayer, a Christian Foundations course, examines four types of prayers and how they figure in the daily life of a Christian. Open Doors: The Art of Hospitality, an Outreach Essentials course, explores Christian hospitality and how we can become more open and inviting to others.

Online courses from LHM are ideal for digging into a particular topic, exploring it, and gaining insights to use in your everyday life. Courses fall into five different categories, giving learners an ever-expanding list of topics to explore. Takeaways include a renewed appreciation and comprehension of Scripture, ideas to incorporate into your own life, and an empowered enthusiasm for sharing your faith with others.

Love Came Down is a five-day course exploring Gospel texts from Matthew and Luke. Its overall message is taken from Advent devotions written by Dr. Kari Vo, LHM's theological writer. Each day begins and ends with prayer. Bible passages are given in print and audio, while commentary and questions help learners make real-life applications of the material. A printable journal created by Minneapolis-based artist Hannah Carlos is included. It has five days of reflection questions as thinking prompts and features Advent- themed illustrations that can be colored.

Nurturing Your Faith: Prayer examines four different types of prayer in the believer's life. These are prayers of intercession, gratitude, confession, and praise. Written by Paul Schreiber, senior editor at LHM, and presented by Don Everts, LHM's content development manager, each prayer type is viewed in the contexts of the Old Testament, Jesus, and the early church. Conclusions cap the sessions. A printable journal, discussion guide, video transcript, and tip sheet for use with small groups are included.

Open Doors: The Art of Hospitality is a five-session course looking at the biblical call to hospitality and how we can cultivate and integrate a more welcoming attitude in our own lives. Utilizing Barna-based research found in the LHMmonograph, Households of Faith, this course includes numerous Scripture texts, expert third-party comments, video, graphs and illustrations, and discussion questions to show how hospitality is a crucial element in the Christian's outreach to the world. Resources include a printable journal, discussion guide, video transcript, and tip sheet for use with small groups.

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