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Phyllis Wallace, the creator and host of Lutheran Hour Ministries' Woman to Woman radio program, died peacefully at her home March 24. The popular syndicated radio program ended with Wallace's retirement in 2011.

The award-winning broadcast offered hope and help for the great challenges facing women. By introducing her listeners to guests who had expertise on the topics being covered, Wallace filled each show with talk you could trust. Her objective was simple: "Inform, inspire, transform, and set fire to the hearts of women so they could apply God's very practical, loving genius to the demands of everyday life. He adds the 'extra' to 'ordinary,' and this show was about how that works in a very practical day-to-day sense."

Wallace created Woman to Woman in 1991 to air on St. Louis radio station KFUO-AM. Lutheran Hour Ministries picked up the program in 1993 and expanded it to 400 stations in syndication. She hosted more than 1,400 broadcasts featuring guests such as Charles Schulz, Lynne Cheney, Betty Ford, Suze Orman, and Amy Grant.

"I enjoyed my time behind the microphone and I am glad the Lord has allowed me to reach so many men and women through Woman to Woman," said Wallace following her retirement. "God gave me a dream and He made a lot of that dream come true. To have the privilege of lifting Jesus higher through people's stories of faith under fire has been awesome."

Prior to Woman to Woman, Wallace was an author, family counselor, and educator whose efforts working with youth addicted to drugs were recognized by the Governor of Illinois. She also led a weekly Bible study for more than 100 women from 14 different church backgrounds at Good Shepherd Lutheran Church in Collinsville, Illinois, for 10 years, an experience that opened numerous doors to serve as a keynote speaker at conferences and seminars around the country.

Her upbeat, candidly refreshing enthusiasm came through in her stories, eliciting laughter and tears as she shared how the Truth sets us free. She contended, "It may take longer than you want to learn a lesson from life, but it never takes longer than you have!"

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