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The month of March is a great time to get your ideas aired out for 2020's Men's NetWork WORK DAY. With spring on the horizon, it's time to thaw out those brain cells and warm up those muscles for some outreach action on Saturday, April 25.

Registration for your men's group project(s) is now open at the Men's NetWork website. You can get your group set up by clicking here and filling in a few blanks.

One big goal for WORK DAY projects is that they take place off the grounds of the church. To encourage that, the Men's NetWork will recognize five different men's groups with its first-ever LHM Neighborhood Service Award. Winning projects will be notable for their focus on neighborhood and/or community concerns. For their impact and outreach efforts, winning groups will receive a $100 VISA gift card to use as they choose.

The place to begin is to find a job your men's group can knock out in a few hours. It doesn't have to be fancy or complex. Cleaning, planting, moving, scrubbing, washing, mowing, and painting are a few of the things guys have done in years gone by. The benefit to your group and those who are blessed by your efforts will far outweigh any time or energy you put into the work. In other words, get your men's group together and pick a job. The WORK DAY is a great way to spend a springtime Saturday!

Do you have a question or two? Drop us a line and ask away!

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