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Being more hospitable, having good conversations, providing a welcoming atmosphere—these are all things we can do, and do better, according to Don Everts, LHM's content development manager. We can make our households more responsive to outsiders and a warmer place for those inside.

The Spiritually Vibrant Home: The Power of Messy Prayers, Loud Tables, and Open Doors is big on ideas that can help transform anyone's household into a place that's warm, open, and inviting. Backed by Barna Group research in partnership with LHM, readers will find dozens of ways to make their homes an oasis to others and a delight to those who live there.

Like this book's companion volume, The Reluctant Witness: Discovering the Delight of Spiritual Conversations, Everts has written a provocative book that challenges notions of home life and encourages us to make our households the kind of place we always knew they could be.

You can order a copy of The Spiritually Vibrant Home by clicking here.

Change Their World. Change Yours. This changes everything.

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