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Joseph is 32 years old and does not identify with any religion. He doesn't deny the existence of God but has not spent any time thinking about issues regarding faith. Joseph lives near a piano teacher and one day he saw the piano teacher reading and answering some test questions. Joseph asked the man what it was, and he said he would bring Joseph some papers so he could figure out what it was on his own. The readings and test questions were part of LHM-Liberia's Bible Correspondence Courses. The piano teacher has since been bringing booklets and materials to Joseph every month until he completes the BCC training himself. Joseph was touched by the materials and asked to be taken to the LHM-Liberia office to receive his completion certificate. Joseph expressed his willingness to be contacted by LHM staff and has been attending LHM-Liberia events to work on nurturing his newfound faith. LHM-Liberia has connected Joseph to a local church where he can grow his faith in a community of believers.

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