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Javier, a volunteer for LHM-Argentina, shared his tradition of taking a family photo of all the families he has visited when delivering ministry materials to them. After the visits, he sends each of the families their family photo with a short note saying, "We trust that the Spirit of Christ will bring blessings, forgiveness, salvation, trust, security, joy, peace, and new and eternal life with the Good News of the Gospel to you and your whole family! If we can help you, count on us! A hug!"

Graciela was one of the individuals who met with Javier and received the family picture and note. Graciela sent a message to LHM staff saying after visiting with Javier, she, her husband, and their four children started going to church. She shared that her family has had suffering in their lives, but now they know God is always by their side. She said that God has blessed them, especially with their family, and thanks to the LHM-Argentina staff and volunteers, they can now see God's work in people's lives.

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