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The second year of the LHM-Barna Group partnership continues to produce powerful results. Following up on the Spiritual Conversations in the Digital Age study is Households of Faith, a detailed report of what makes households spiritually vibrant and how you can make yours that way, too.

The winter issue of The Lutheran Layman explores household spiritual vibrancy with an excerpt from LHM Content Manager Don Everts' latest book, The Spiritually Vibrant Home, published by InterVarsity Press. Also in this article is a breakdown of the contents inside LHM's brand new Households of Faith kit. It includes the Household research monograph; a four-session DVD; three booklets for parents on children; three colorful kids' booklets; a 30-day booklet of devotions by Dr. Kari Vo; a Vibrant Conversations deck of cards; a refrigerator magnet; and a copy of Everts' book—all for $37 (a $65 value). You can check out these resources and order Everts' book by clicking here.

Other Layman news items include LHM's new Project Connect booklet mobile app; new online courses available from LHM Learn; LHM's Lenten devotions, Deliver Us: Jesus Sets Us Free; details on setting up a charitable gift annuity; and LHM's 2019 ministry impact report. You can also read about the Men's NetWork's recent GIVES BACK event during the Christmas holidays, as you get pumped up for the eighth annual WORK DAY, coming the last Saturday in April. This issue also features the 2020 candidates for LHM's Board of Directors; fascinating stories of how the Gospel is changing lives around the world; and what's going on at Para el Camino, LHM's Spanish-language website which has lots of content geared toward Hispanics in the United States. Also, be sure to check out part four of the Nurturing Your Faith Bible study, Called to Share.

Poignant words on relationships and households from Lutheran Hour Speaker Rev. Mike Zeigler start this issue, while comments from Phil Johnson, chairman of the Int'l LLL Board of Directors, and Kurt Buchholz, president and CEO of LHM, lend additional perspective to the work being done at LHM.

To check out the current issue online, go to LHM's homepage when you click here; then drop down to the bottom right of the page and you'll find it.

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