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What's your men's group doing on the last Saturday of April? If the answer is "Not much," then join the ranks of other guys around the country and help others for the eighth annual Men's NetWork WORK DAY.

The premise is simple: come up with a reasonable project to help someone for a few hours. It might be a scrub job on some urban blight or sprucing up a nature trail. In the past, groups have served by building and fixing things, hauling trash, landscaping, painting, pruning, chopping, digging, and doing whatever needs doing to help their neighborhoods and local communities.

The hoped-for aim for WORK DAY projects is that they be outreach in nature—benefitting neighborhoods and communities—and accomplished off church campuses. To encourage such work, the Men's NetWork will recognize five different men's groups with its first-ever LHM Neighborhood Service Award. Winners' projects will be notable for their impact on neighborhood and/or community concerns. For their outreach focus, these groups will receive a $100 VISA gift card to use as they choose.

Don't forget your "group" doesn't need to be a church men's group to participate in the WORK DAY. If you've got a few buddies and you've got a job you'd like to do, then sign up. We welcome your participation!

Men's NetWork WORK DAY 2020 registration opens March 1.

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