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There's a load of great information available to users of LHM's mobile apps and podcasts, and it's all FREE. Now you can enjoy the creative resources you've come to expect from LHM, wherever you are.

And to think, all it takes is one simple, FREE download. When you do that you have immediate access to powerful weekly messages from The Lutheran Hour, award-winning, original Bible studies; topical booklets on dozens of subjects; our daily and seasonal devotions; Spanish-language tools, and lots of other Christ-centered resources—all right at your fingertips.

To take advantage of this exciting hands-on resource, go to LHM's website and click here.

Once the app is loaded, you're ready to go! No hassle! No charge!

Don't forget to let your family and friends in on the secret, too. These resources are made for everyone to use and enjoy! Pass the word along in an e-mail or via your favorite social media channel.

Change Their World. Change Yours. This changes everything.

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