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That's right. As many Christians already know, there is just something joyful about sharing the Good News of Jesus with others. In The Reluctant Witness: Discovering the Delight of Spiritual Conversations, a book by LHM's Content Development Manager Don Everts, you'll discover how you can be more intentional in your spiritual conversations.

Drawing from extensive research provided by Barna Group, The Reluctant Witness takes an honest look at the state of our conversations about faith and God. Throughout the book, Everts weaves loads of spine-tingling data into an easy-to-read narrative to form a compelling whole. He gives the reader vital insights into why things are as they are and offers much-needed encouragement on how they can be different when we talk about Jesus.

Early on, Everts simply assumed that spiritual conversations were going to be tough at best. But his surprising—and sometimes embarrassing—stories affirm what Scripture and the latest research reveal: spiritual conversations can actually be a delight, a big-time joy. Readers will come away with a fresh grasp of the possibilities of talking about their faith and will appreciate the best practices offered on how to become an eager conversationalist.

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