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With Thanksgiving and Christmas coming fast, the Men's NetWork GIVES BACK event is perfect for your men's group to engage in some holiday spirit distribution. And as you plan your GIVES BACK opportunity, think about those you might get to help you—namely, teens and children. What better way to impart a real lesson in assisting those in need than to give young people some hands-on practice helping out?

Doing a GIVES BACK event can happen a lot of ways. With a little brainstorming, you'll probably find all kinds of untapped needs in your community. Are there local agencies that could use some manual help to do their holiday projects? Is there a Christmas parade nearby where you could set up a "booth" and pass out hot chocolate and Project Connect booklets on Jesus? There are plenty of things you can do. For more ideas, go to the Men's NetWork website where you'll find a dozen more to inspire you.

And don't forget that your church's men's group (or some other group of spirited, can-do people) can take home a nice prize of a $150 Amazon gift card, too. We're offering one to the group that wins each of the following categories: 1) most creative service idea; 2) most community-oriented project; 3) best "holiday-themed" dressed group. It's just a little thank you from us to you for taking the time to brighten someone's holidays.

You can register for the Men's NetWork GIVES BACK event by going to and signing up. After the event, tell us what you did (this will put your group in the running for the gift cards) by sending us a brief recap (three or four lines) and pictures of your group in action in an email to If you prefer, you can also go to LHM's Facebook page to post your efforts:

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