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Give your family a Christmas gift this year from Lutheran Hour Ministries: Call His Name Jesus, our 2019 Advent devotions.

The Christmas season is a mixed bag for many families. With its high expectations and frustrations, parents often lose focus on the true meaning of Christmas. This blurred vision then often gets imparted to the young ones in our homes, as we lead them to view the holidays the same way.

Christmas, however, is full of teaching moments for our kids. There's God's love in Jesus, the forgiveness of our sins, and the new life God offers, to name just a few. These timeless truths of Christmas can easily be shared by spending a few minutes each day reading Call His Name Jesus by Dr. Kari Vo, LHM's theological writer and the author of many of our Daily Devotions.

You might spend a few minutes after dinner or before bedtime reading one of this year's Advent devotions with your family (they run this year from December 1 through January 6). Each message opens with a Bible verse and closes with reflection questions to aid with discussion.

We all know there's more to the holidays than the warm fuzzies we get from even the best TV Christmas specials. With Call His Name Jesus, your family can bask in the glow of the light coming from the manger, God's own Son sent to each of us.

During the Advent season, you can receive these devotions as a daily email beginning December 1. You can also download and print these devotions, with options including large-print text and bulletin inserts. Call His Name Jesus will also be available to hear as a podcast. Audio begins on December 1 with Rev. Dr. Michael Zeigler, Speaker of The Lutheran Hour, reading the devotions. Visit for all the details.

Llamarás su Nombre Jesús, the Spanish-language version, will be available to read online or to receive as a daily email through the Advent season beginning December 1. Audio will also begin on December 1 with Rev. Héctor Hoppe reading the texts. There is a print version that is available for download, too. Visit paraelcamino/adviento at its freshly updated website for all the details.

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