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Would you find it handy to have a set of tools to inspire your outreach and give you confidence when talking about spiritual matters? If so, the new Spiritual Conversations Kit from LHM offers just such a toolset. It features print, video, and online resources to simplify all your spiritual conversations going forward.

If you're like us at Lutheran Hour Ministries, you have friends and family members you'd like to talk to about Jesus. The nagging issue is always, "Where do I start?" The question seems simple enough. After all, we know these people, right? It's not like we speak different languages, but oh how we get tongue-tied when we talk about spiritual things. Or how is it when we're in the middle of a talk about God and faith we speak too soon, or too much, or not at all?

The Spiritual Conversation Kit includes a collection of materials that will get you thinking in new ways about the dialogues you have with others. You'll learn how to "graciously adapt" your conversations to the people you speak with-mindful of where they are in their spiritual journey. You'll find loads of current data that show how Christians share their faith today-and how we can do it better. There are booklets on Jesus-who He is, why He died, and what it means to believe in Him.

"The Spiritual Conversations Kit is all about equipping us to better tell the Jesus story," says Rev. Dr. Jason Broge, LHM's director of design and development, and the lead presenter on "Eager Conversationalists," the first of two workshops on the Spiritual Conversations DVD. "The resources in this kit were developed because of our research with the Barna Group. These resources will be a blessing to any Christian wanting to make their faith a more active part of their daily conversations."

These are the resources in the Spiritual Conversations Kit:

* How to Talk About Your Faith: An Introduction to the Spiritual Conversation Curve
* My Digital Voice: An Introduction to the Digital Conversation Pledge
* Who Is Jesus?
* Why Did Jesus Die?
* What Is Faith in Jesus? (these first five items are Project Connect booklets)
* The Reluctant Witness: Discovering the Delight of Spiritual Conversations (hard-cover book)
* Do You Know Who Jesus Is? (kids' booklet)
* Spiritual Conversations Workshops (DVD featuring two workshops)
* The Spiritual Conversation Curve (illustrated card)
* Spiritual Conversation Curve Cards (packet of 25 business-sized cards)
* Spiritual Conversations in the Digital Age (Barna-LHM perma-cover monograph)
* Invitation to enroll and experience LHM Learn's FREE online courses and webinars

The resources in the Spiritual Conversation Kit are perfect for adapting to your communication style—whether face-to-face or online. The kit's extensive data and helpful insights will empower your spiritual conversations with confidence, as you share the love of Jesus and the salvation God offers everyone. On this point, the apostle Paul puts it best: "Walk in wisdom toward outsiders, making the best use of the time. So that you may know how you ought to answer each person" (Colossians 4:5-6).

While the ways we communicate has altered over the years, the urgency of the message we share is timeless. "Technology and rapid cultural shifts have altered evangelism, but the call to bring Christ to the nations remains," said Dr. Tony Cook, vice president of global ministries for LHM. "This kit contains tools to increase and deepen spiritual conversations in your daily life. You will discover resources for ministry leaders, congregation members, and those who have yet to discover the Gospel of Jesus Christ. It is my prayer that these resources will equip you to be even more effective in sharing the unchanging Good News of Jesus in your daily life."

You can order your Spiritual Conversations Kit from LHM for $37 by going to .

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