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Monsoon season has taken a toll on South Asia this year. The monsoon season typically lasts from June to September and this year, July and August proved to be the harshest months, especially in Myanmar, India and into Laos. There were hundreds of reported deaths caused by the monsoons and its aftermath this year in Asia. Lutheran Hour Ministries' ministry centers in these countries tried to use this devastation to share the Gospel with people who desperately need to hear it. They provided holistic support, like passing out food and supplies, as well as giving booklets to people in affected areas who lost everything they had in the monsoons.

LHM—Myanmar went to a local church and worshipped with the members during one of their Sunday services. They were able to pass out booklets to the people at the church and meet with the pastors. After the worship service, they traveled an hour and a half to an area affected by the flooding. Of the 150 families who live there, only 30 of them are Christians. Usually, they will not allow any Christian organization into the village, but this year, they allowed LHM-Myanmar to come in because there was so much devastation from the floods and LHM staff brought food and supplies that they needed. LHM-Myanmar were able to donate foods like rice, cooking oil, canned fish, salt, beans, onions, instant noodles, and other items to around 300 people in the flooded areas.

In Laos, the flooding has ruined many farms and rice fields and killed the animals on the farms. With the roadways flooded, or ruined from landslides, it has been difficult for LHM—Laos staff to travel to pass out booklets to people, or to host Bible Correspondence Courses in other areas. LHM was able to partner with local churches in southern provinces of the country to provide much-needed supplies and Gospel materials to those affected by the devastation.

LHM—India provided holistic support to people who have lost their homes and belongings in the flood waters. Gunya Na Thalang, LHM's regional director for Asia shared, "Holistic outreach and proclamation programs have a comprehensive impact in reaching both the body and soul. It is ministry to the unchurched in word and deed where we can address physical as well as spiritual needs."

Through your support, LHM staff in Myanmar, Laos, and India have been able to reach those who have been unreached for so long. Although the flooding has been devastating and caused many deaths, it has allowed LHM to go into villages that have previously not allowed them and provide holistic support. This time of turmoil has given LHM the chance to share the Gospel and encourage people that there is hope in God, even in difficult times. "This type of holistic outreach has been an effective way of demonstrating and telling people of the love of Christ," says Gunya.

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