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Many years ago, we read an LCMS World Mission document that said starting ministry in a new cultural context involved a three-fold process: learn the culture, learn the language, grow the mission. When we discovered Lutheran Hour Ministries' modus operandi in foreign lands is to seek indigenous Christians and bring them into our work, we saw the immense value of time and resources saved-for people from within the community already know the language and the culture!

My (Claire) longstanding history with LHM was rooted in my childhood memories of going to my grandmother's home in Chicago and sitting by her feet while we listened to The Lutheran Hour together. When Jim and Vickie Dankenbring invited us to join the National Leadership Council (NLC) of the SENT Initiative back in 2015, we gladly accepted because of the initiative's emphasis on reaching more people with the Good News of the Gospel. The mission and ministry of LHM also excited us from day one because we strongly value the way LHM partners with like-minded churches to equip people in sharing the love of Jesus in their own communities.

We're so excited to have witnessed the growing partnership between LHM and Barna Group. This research-based approach to ministry, over three years-from Spiritual Conversations in the Digital Age through Households of Faith and next into Communities of Action-is exactly the progression we believe the church-at-large needs to be focused upon. Together LHM and Barna are generating meaningful research and helpful resources and tools for sharing the Gospel.

When we speak to people in our congregation and throughout our region, they are often amazed at how much Lutheran Hour Ministries is doing. Some people we talk to are only familiar with the radio broadcast, but upon hearing LHM's story, they are overwhelmed by how many resources are made available both online and through ministry centers around the world.

As a society, we have become uncomfortable with talking about our faith with others and it is negatively impacting our communities and congregations. There is a dire need today for evangelism in the United States and we are happy to be doing our part to help spread
the Gospel through LHM. SENT is such a great reminder that we are all called to participate in the missio Dei- that eternal purpose of God to draw all people to Him. In an LHM context, SENT means being willing to answer God's call to be part of His plan to reach His people with the Gospel.

Someone who doesn't have Jesus in his or her life doesn't have life "to the full," as Jesus offered in John 10. That's why we think it's so important to reach people who are lost and don't know the love of Christ. It's exciting to see how LHM finds unique ways to share the Gospel with people, especially young people who don't necessarily want to go to church anymore, but are hungry to hear about Jesus.

We are thrilled to be part of the SENT Initiative and we are highly motivated to help others share their faith. It is our desire to get LHM's equipping materials into as many hands as possible. It's a tremendous blessing to have the support of an organization that helps us share Jesus with others.

**The SENT Initiative is a global and comprehensive five-year plan to answer the pressing challenges and realities of the 21st century. The impact of the SENT Initiative has already reached millions of individuals around the globe. God has shown us that He can do more through people like you and me than we could ever imagine. For more information on how you can get involved with the SENT Initiative, visit, email us at, or call 1-800-944-3450

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