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Gospel Adventures Heads to Mongolia in 2020
The curriculum and resources for Gospel Adventures: Passport to Peru have educated more than 35,000 U.S. students on Peruvian culture during 2019. Now, we are excited to share with you that Gospel Adventures will be heading to Mongolia in 2020!

Just like this year's "trip" to Peru, next year's adventure, titled Gospel Adventures: Go Mongolia!, will be available as a free resource for Christian schools, churches, and homeschools across the United States including an interactive website and fun activities.

"With high-quality videos and engaging activities, the curriculum helps kids learn about life and culture from kids like them - but who live in another part of the world," says Ashley Bayless, curriculum development manager for LHM. "Kids go to school; they help with chores; they play soccer with friends, and yet life can still look very different: new foods, different transportation, another language."

Mongolia is located between Russia and China in northern Asia and has a population of three million people. Genghis Khan, an ancient Mongolian warrior, united Mongol clans and become the country's ruler in 1206. The capital, Ulaanbaatar, was founded in 1639 and has relocated more than 20 times before settling in its current location. Mongolia, now nicknamed, "Land of the Blue Sky," is the second-largest landlocked country in the world and basks in sunshine more than 70 percent of the year.

Two of Mongolia's native animals are snow leopards and the two-humped bactrian camel. Mongolia was once an agricultural economy, but now they have revitalized their modern economy by tapping into their natural resources and exporting them. Natural resources that can be found in Mongolia include copper, gold, coal, and other deposits. The country is also one of the leading producers of lucrative cashmere wool.

Since Christianity is a minority religion in Mongolia, there is tremendous opportunity to share God's love and reach out with the Gospel. Lutheran Hour Ministries conducts outreach in Mongolia through mass media, technology, and interpersonal channels.

Registration for Gospel Adventures: Go Mongolia! will open soon at You can also visit the site now if you haven't participated in this year's Peruvian adventure to download a sample of the curriculum or to get started with the interactive experience.

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