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Poverty, sickness, and violence are increasing every day in Cameroon with millions of people dealing with these situations. Because of this, women are often left with little to no education, which forces them to turn to other ways to make money to provide for their families. These dire circumstances provide tremendous opportunities to share the Gospel and touch the lives of many.

For 17 years, Lutheran Hour Ministries—Cameroon has used a variety of communication and ministry strategies to reach thousands of people: radio, print materials, film shows, rallies, hospital and prison visitation, Bible Correspondence Courses, Equipping the Saints workshops and, especially recently, the Internet and text messaging.

The ministry is also able to use key holistic outreach programs, including one that reaches young at-risk women by offering vocational training and hope in Christ. Our initiatives in Cameroon reach out to youth and provide guidance from a Christian perspective that helps them live healthy, well-mannered lives in a secular world.

LHM recently received news that will help expand efforts through this holistic program. At the Lutheran Women's Missionary League (LWML) convention last week, LHM was one of 21 recipients to receive funding for a mission grant. The LWML accepted LHM's mission grant titled "Mission Outreach for At-Risk Young Women in Africa" in the amount of $100,000. Accordingly, the theme of this year's convention was "In Praise to the LORD!" and, because of this grant, we can reach more women in Africa and around the globe.

"We are extremely grateful for the continued partnership of the Lutheran Women's Missionary League," says LHM President & CEO Kurt Buchholz. "It is a true blessing to be able to come together in mission to share God's Word with those who have not heard it."

Sharing the Gospel through vocational training programs allows LHM to educate young women in a practical skill that helps them earn money to provide for their families. In addition to the training, women are enrolled in Bible Correspondence Courses to learn more about Jesus. Here are several stories of how LHM—Cameroon programs have positively impacted the lives of young women.

Olga is married with five children. She is a refugee from a small town in the Central Africa Republic. In the town she lived in, she was a part of the Christian community. When the civil war broke out, everyone in the Christian community left their town. Olga and her family traveled for months and finally ended up in Cameroon. She was able to register as a refugee once they got settled. She didn't have a job and she did not have any professional training, so she reached out to LHM—Cameroon staff after hearing about them on the radio. She learned through the radio program that LHM—Cameroon offers training for young mothers. Since then, Olga has registered for Bible Correspondence Courses and receives counseling every morning after devotions. Olga's primary goal is to finish her sewing training so she can work and have a better life for herself and her family.

Tanoué is a teen in prison. She grew up as an active member in her church's congregation, but when she went to prison, she grew further and further away from God. She visited with LHM—Cameroon staff in the prison several times, which led her to confess her bad behavior. She eventually expressed a strong desire to LHM—Cameroon staff to reconcile her relationship with Jesus. Tanoué recently registered for Bible Correspondence Courses and Bible studies within the prison. She expressed her desire to visit the LHM—Cameroon office for sewing training once she gets out of prison.

In addition to the work LHM is doing in Cameroon, the funding from the grant will help LHM—Kenya touch the lives of young mothers in Kenya through a program called Reaching Rahab. Reaching Rahab is a Christ-centered and holistic outreach ministry for urban young women to help rescue them from lives on the streets or in prison and rehabilitate them through counseling and basic entrepreneur and vocational skill training. Some of the basic skills they learn through the program are typing, hairdressing, sewing, and basic accounting.

Reaching Rahab is an important program to help young mothers learn a skill that they can use to provide for their families. Since the global recession in 2008, Kenya's capital city Nairobi has seen the unemployment rate in people under 30 years old jump to almost 40 percent.

We are thankful to the LWML for accepting our grant to help us reach more women and connect them to faith in Jesus Christ as well as equip them in skills through practical training programs.

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