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Have you ever been asked questions about your faith, but you weren't sure how to respond? Or you weren't confident that you were prepared respond correctly?

Beginning September 28, Lutheran Hour Ministries will be hosting workshops throughout the St. Louis area that are the perfect opportunity to equip you and your congregation members to feel more confident in your spiritual conversations. Based on award-winning research conducted in partnership with Barna Group, the workshop content consists of presentations from LHM staff and interactive breakout sessions for participants to brainstorm how they will implement the ideas and tools from the workshop into their own spiritual conversations.

One of the hosts at the workshops is LHM's new regional director for North America, Rev. Dr. Chad Lakies. Based on his personal experience as a former atheist, he shared, "These workshops are important to me because they make me think of how I came to follow Christ. Before I was a Christian, I used to be afraid that Christians just wanted to shove Jesus down my throat or criticize me because I was an atheist. But I experienced something entirely different: I was genuinely welcomed, and Christians simply spent time getting to know me. We're hoping our workshop helps make Christians comfortable and willing to engage with others, letting God take the lead when it comes to using their conversations for winsomely sharing their faith."

Guests will be trained on the Spiritual Conversation Curve, the progression of a natural conversation into deeper, more meaningful topics such as faith and spirituality, and the EAGER conversationalist profile that breaks down the characteristics of a person who has more than 10 spiritual conversations a year, so those qualities can be adapted into your personal interactions. When you walk out of the workshop you will have a sense of confidence knowing that you are prepared to respond in spiritual conversations, and you can eagerly start spiritual conversations with others who might be receptive to talking about faith.

Your free registration for a workshop includes a meal and a complimentary Spiritual Conversations in the Digital Age Starter Kit (valued at $63) including a variety of practical and relevant tools to take home and incorporate into your individual, group, or congregational outreach efforts.

Visit to find the dates, times, and locations for the various events that have been scheduled throughout the fall and winter. The site also includes a flyer, large-size poster, bulletin insert, and promotional PowerPoint slide that you can download to share with family, friends, and congregation members.

Space at each event is limited! Visit to reserve your spot today! We are also making plans to schedule workshops beyond St. Louis soon. If you are interested in having someone from our team come to your area to lead a workshop, visit

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