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Jimin is a college student living in South Korea who dreams of becoming a singer. She participated in Christian activities growing up, including LHM's Project JOEL program that brings a solid Christian witness to youth who may otherwise be exposed to negative societal influences and helps them to shape their values using games, sporting events, puppet shows, workshops, and songs. But Jimin held a secret: she was involved in a harmful religious sect.

When Jimin was a teenager, her father got remarried and her new stepmother abused her. Without an adult to talk to about her burdens, Jimin felt trapped. A classmate noticed Jimin's pain and invited her to find help in the classmate's religion. A vulnerable Jimin accepted the offer, but the group's "help" wasn't as helpful as her friend claimed. But after several years of involvement, Jimin grew dependent on the group. She lacked courage to cut ties with it.

Because she had participated in Project JOEL, Jimin trusted the LHM staff and knew she could talk to them. When she finally found the courage to do so, she came across a caring individual who offered much-needed emotional support and biblical guidance. Shortly thereafter, Jimin left the religious sect and LHM introduced her to the pastor of a local Christian church that could help her recover from her past experiences. Jimin also stayed in touch with LHM for continued counseling.

Today, Jimin is walking a new path of faith in Jesus. As she shares her testimony with others, we believe the Holy Spirit will bring change to those around her.

Jimin is just one example of how building relationships helps LHM earn trust, which is imperative to be able to share the Gospel with more than 135 million people each week who know very little about or have often never been introduced to the Christian faith. It's why for nearly 80 years, LHM has actively pursued the implementation and achievement of a global mission and vision that extends our work beyond the borders of North America and shares the life transforming Gospel of Jesus with those who do not know Him.

Change Their World. Change Yours. This changes everything.

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