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The Divine Sewing School is a program created by Lutheran Hour Ministries to reach at-risk mothers in Cameroon.

Many of these mothers are victims of domestic and sexual violence, and have turned to the streets to take care of their families. The rate of sexual exploitation of young women is so alarming that Cameroon is cited as one of the countries with high prostitution and women trafficking mainly to Europe. Some estimates indicate that about 30% of young women between the ages of 12 and 25 have given birth at least once.

Lutheran Hour Ministries felt the call to serve and support these mothers by giving them a second chance through practical skills, and the healing power of the Gospel. The women at The Divine Sewing School receive practical training in design and sewing, but they also take part in Bible classes and counseling sessions. Over 300 women have participated since the program began in 2011.

Even in Christian congregations, unwed mothers are often forced to leave their church, because they have set bad examples for the other young girls in the community. Our ministry offers tangible training in a skill these women can use to improve their lives. Every year, between 30 and 50 women graduate from the sewing program. After graduation, many are able to operate their own small businesses and shops with a fresh perspective on life and success.

Because of the intensive nature of the training, our ministry staff members have many months to spend one-on-one time with the mothers. This allows us to get to know them, pray with them, hold Bible studies, and encourage them in their work and faith. Graduating from the course helps them restore dignity and safely support their families.

LHM has intervened to help heal and reconcile many families in Cameroon because of the support you offer to sustain this life-changing program. Millions around the world are celebrating Mother's Day today, recognizing the hard work moms commit to raising a family. As you celebrate today, take a moment to pray for the mothers in Cameroon. Thank you moms, for everything you do, and for the passion and support you give to mothers around the world.

Change Their World. Change Yours. This changes everything.

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