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Young Akila's life nearly ended. Akila lives in the Central Province of Sri Lanka, where she attends school. Since childhood, she had heard about Jesus but wasn't interested in Him.

Harmful choices caused her life to spiral into darkness. Akila couldn't find hope or peace. Struggles overwhelmed her and left her brokenhearted. Finally, she reached a point of despair but couldn't find the courage to confide in anyone. So she bottled up her sorrow. Soon, Akila considered ending her life.

Amid those suicidal thoughts, she heard about a youth event hosted by Lutheran Hour Ministries' office in Sri Lanka. Akila decided to attend. She needed hope.

The Lord healed her broken heart that day.

Akila tells us God has given her new hope. He used the Good News she heard at the LHM-Sri Lanka event to strengthen her. In the days that followed, the Lord helped her face the issues that had intimidated her.

Today, Akila approaches her days with fresh perspective. She shares Christ's love with her friends and neighbors. Best of all, this girl—once brokenhearted—now praises God for the change His grace has brought in her life.

Change Their World. Change Yours. This changes everything.

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