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I never wanted you as a son. I became your father out of pity.

Unwanted by his father, Marcos has known rejection and pain from a young age. Heartache continued once he married and had children. One son died while young. Another son departed the family for another country. They haven't heard from him in a long time. Marcos' wife, Lourdes, sank into deep depression and turned to alcohol for comfort. Treatment for her addiction was unsuccessful. Lourdes passed away.

Yet Marcos' heartache continued with the worst ordeal a parent can know: His daughter died, leaving behind a son and daughter. Both children were orphans before their fifth birthdays.

Marcos' life hit rock bottom. He struggled alone. Without a church, he had no place to look for answers. Fearing he couldn't be the grandfather his grandchildren would need him to be, Marcos prepared to give them up for adoption.

Then, while listening to the radio, Marcos heard a radio spot from LHM-Paraguay. Desperate for help, he contacted the ministry staff. As they shared Christ's love with him, Marcos grew hopeful ... and decided to keep his grandchildren in his care.

Working through the LHM-Paraguay staff and its radio programming, the Holy Spirit brought Marcos restoration. Today, he lives with his daughters—and grandchildren—in the town of Pirayu.

Change Their World. Change Yours. This changes everything.

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