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LHM's Project JOEL program continues to have great success providing youth throughout Latin America with biblically-based guidance in making healthy lifestyle choices. The program has been integrated into school curriculum in some countries, but also supplements its educational content by incorporating opportunities for holding sporting and cultural events. As a strong outreach program throughout the region, Project JOEL is now reaching more than 35,000 students in public and private schools annually who are being impacted by God's Word in their lives, and consequently impacting their families.

In Paraguay, this impact on families is being seen through a new program offered to the mothers of students in some of the public schools where Project JOEL was being carried out. The "Bread of Life" program, developed and implemented by LHM - Paraguay Director Victor Verruck and his wife Estefana, was offered for free as a three-month training course consisting of weekly six-hour classes where the ladies from low-income families are taught how to bake different kinds of bread and pastries. Estefana, who previously owned her own bakery, volunteers to lead the classes and offer her professional baking skills with the attendees.

For some of the ladies, this program has led to a source of income by not only teaching them how to bake but also sell their homemade products within their neighborhoods. During the time of fermentation during each class, Victor and his wife offer short presentations on topics such as parenthood, home violence, marriage relationships, communication, and sexuality that are of concern to the women in the class. It also provides time for God's Word, the eternal Bread of life, to be shared and impact the lives of the women, many who knew very little about Christ before participating in the classes.

"I learned a lot and had the opportunity to participate and interact with members of the Lutheran Church to learn more about our Savior Jesus Christ," says one attendee. Another participant added, "This course taught me about the importance of work and therefore I changed my attitude towards it. I learned that the Bible says that the one who does not work does not eat."

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