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This Christmas, we have had the great opportunity to share content created by members of the LHM family. The poem below was written by Phillip Wenz and he graciously shared it with us after hearing one of our Daily Devotions.

Lutheran Hour Ministries is sharing this poem as a testament to the unique ways in which God's people can share the hope of Jesus in their daily lives. Our prayer is that you will feel inspired to share this image so you can be a blessing to others.

The True Gift of Christmas

What started two thousand years ago with a gift from above,
was given to all mankind with unconditional love.
It was given to all who would accept its mysterious beauty and joy,
when a young mother gave birth to a little baby boy.

The little boy's life was like no other ever recorded on stone, paper or clay;
he taught us many a lesson on life as he went through his days.
During his Passion he fully gave of himself to all others,
as he laid down the gift of his life for the sins of his sisters and brothers.

Long ago his birth was made a day of mass and commemoration,
which is celebrated by men, women, and children of every nation.
His simple birth is a reminder of what is true, pure, and believed;
that it is genuinely better to give than to receive.

Centuries have come and gone; with man adding secular traditions to his birth;
there are reindeer, sleigh bells, candy canes and gatherings with much mirth.
Sometimes we forget what was given from above,

"The True Gift of Christmas" copyright 2009-2017 Phillip L. Wenz. All Rights Reserved.

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