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Kofi is a 48-year-old fisherman. He lives in Tsetsekpo, a town in southern Ghana.

Located on the coast of western Africa, Ghana is home to 27 million people. Accra, the Ghanaian capital, where LHM-Ghana's office is located, features the largest market in western Africa. You can also find Lake Volta - the world's largest manmade lake - in that nation.

One day, Kofi noticed a calabash sitting in the water. Kofi assumed the calabash would obstruct his fishing net, so he cast his net away from the object. After two unsuccessful attempts at catching fish, Kofi cast his net again. This time, despite his efforts to avoid it, his net was caught on the calabash.

But instead of obstructing his catch, the calabash stabilized the net - and the net was full of fish!

Kofi was shocked. He considered it a miracle.

If you were to travel to Kofi's town, you might find idol worship is not uncommon. To Kofi, the abundance of his catch indicated a spiritual connection to the calabash. A friend advised him to keep the object in his life.

Kofi adopted it as his idol.

From that time on, Kofi attached his spiritual beliefs to the calabash. He worshiped it. Each day, before he began his activities, he performed a ritual before the god. He hoped it would usher more blessings into his life.

Rallies are a popular outreach vehicle in rural Ghana. Three months ago, LHM staged a live event featuring music and drama. Staff members visited homes and invited residents to the performances.

Kofi attended the event. He was not interested in hearing the Gospel, but as a pastor spoke, he listened.

The Holy Spirt touched Kofi's heart.

The pastor spoke of God's love for the people in Kofi's town, and how that love prompted Christ to sacrifice His life on the cross. Forgiveness is available in Him. Soon, the pastor talked about the First Commandment, "You shall have no other gods before Me" (Exodus 20:3 ESV).

Kofi's thoughts turned to his personal god, the calabash. He felt convicted as God granted him repentance.

The Holy Spirit brought him to faith in Jesus.

"I am sad that I could not be directed much earlier on the truth," Kofi says, "but I thank the Almighty God that today salvation has come to my house."

Kofi is now a member of Grace Lutheran Church in Tsetsekpo.

LHM also produces radio and television programming, Bible Correspondence Courses for adults and youth, the Project JOEL youth ministry program, and topical booklets in Ghana.

Thank you for your Gospel partnership. As part of the ministry family, you help share the Good News of salvation in Christ with individuals like Kofi. That includes nations where citizens have little or no opportunity to hear of Him.

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