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"We are celebrating with a very cool project," says Lutheran Hour Ministries Uruguay Director. "It's called 'Luteraventuras'!"

Luteraventuras, or Luther Adventures, features the Special Edition Martin Luther figure made by international toy manufacturer Playmobil. Students at San Pablo Lutheran School in Montevideo can take the Luther figure home for a week, along with a copy of Paul L. Maier's book Martin Luther: A Man Who Changed the World. They are encouraged to take Luther with them on their daily adventures, snapping photos of him, uploading the images to social media such as Facebook, and including the hashtag #luteraventuras.

Little Luther has been getting around. "To our surprise, many kids have had fun with the idea and have had great adventures with Martin! We are delighted that our ministry can be 'godparents' of this initiative to help make know our legacy as Lutherans in this special year."

Change Their World. Change Yours. This changes everything.

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