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Nearly 300 people have been killed and another 2,000 left injured after a powerful 7.1 magnitude earthquake rocked central Mexico Sept. 19, causing hundreds of buildings to collapse in the capital, Mexico City. With a ministry center located in Mexico City, Lutheran Hour Ministries is uniquely positioned to have its staff and volunteers assist with helping those who have been affected.

"The needs of the earthquake victims will be very great far into the future. We already have begun and will have more opportunities to help those who have suffered because of this earthquake," says Rafael Ruelas, the director of LHM-Mexico. "I have met with leaders of the Lutheran Synod of Mexico, LCMS missionaries, and government officials to begin gathering information about what we can do to be the most helpful as people begin to rebuild their homes and their lives."

In addition to providing basic necessities such as food, water, clothing, and medicine, LHM's response will also include offering spiritual counseling to people in shock. The local team will demonstrate the love of Christ by standing alongside those who are suffering, and by ministering personally and through various print materials that address the questions people facing such loss are asking.

"More than anything, we want to deliver hope to these people, and give them consolation through the message of our Savior, Jesus Christ," says Rev. Dr. Douglas Rutt, LHM's director of international ministries. "While we thank and praise God for His continuing grace and mercy to us in keeping our staff safe, we also ask that you please pray for the people of Mexico, especially those who have lost their jobs, homes, and family members."

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